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Sunday, May 24th at 11AM in East Hampton - Candice Bergen


Friday, June 5th at 5PM in East Hampton - Talia Carner

BookHampton hosts a reading and discussion with author Talia Carner for her new novel, Hotel Moscow.

"A finely-drawn tale of a country emerging from its dark Soviet past into a present overshadowed by a new kind of terror and lawless corruption...that will keep the reader mesmerized...An insightful post-Cold War thriller."
- Nelson DeMille, author of Radiant Angel

Saturday, June 6th at 7PM in East Hampton - Mary Marcus

Marcus’ well-crafted, highly accessible novel can readily be compared to The Help, by Kathryn Stockett (2009), for its recognition of the lot of black domestic servants. However, there is one major difference, and that is the way Marcus writes about the creative impulse. Billy Ray’s descriptions of his music making are both wondrous and joyful. “

— Joanne Wilkinson, Booklist Issue: April 15, 2015

Sunday June 7th at 3PM in East Hampton - Celine Keating

Play for Me is a serious, moving, and utterly delightful portrait of a woman wavering between the bonds of fidelity and the pull of desire. Céline Keating knows as much about the world of folk/rock music as she does about the workings of the heart.” 

—HILMA WOLITZER, author Summer Reading and An Available Man

Saturday, June 13th - Nelson DeMille


BookHampton is thrilled to present a Conversation with Nelson DeMille featuring a talk followed by a question & answer and book signing for his upcoming novel Radiant Angel in both our East Hampton & Southampton locations on Saturday June 13th.

East Hampton at 11:00 AM

Southampton at 2:00 PM

BookHampton has also partnered with the Riverhead Free Library for a special event at 5:00 PM

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Friday July 17th at 8PM in East Hampton - Linda Rosenkrantz

Talk gave me a sizzling Warholian window into the smart-mouthed freaky New York scene of the late 1960s. I was overwhelmed by a desire to jump in a time machine.
—Simon Doonan, author of The Asylum

Sunday July 26th at 11AM in East Hampton - Jack Amstel


BookHampton will host Jack Amstel, author of the triller "The Steel Connection" for a book reading, question & answer, and book signing.