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Back to School with the Must-read Book


Who’s In Charge of America’s Schools by Dale Russakoff

“THE PRIZE may well be one of the most important books on education to come 

along in years.” —Alex Kotlowitz, New York Times Book Review

“A stunning account of efforts by wealthy outsiders (Facebook founder Mark 

Zuckerberg) and ambitious politicians (Chris Christie and Cory Booker) to fix 

Newark's failing public schools. ...The story likely will unnerve educators, 

reformers, taxpayers, politicians, parents and students anywhere." Chicago Tribune

BookHampton is pleased to offer

THE PRIZE by Dale Russakoffx

At a 20% Discount.

" One the most disturbing and powerful books I've read in years. The point 

of this story is not that the well intentioned Mark Zuckerberg and his wife 

gave $100 million to help those less fortunate. The point is they gave it to 

the wrong people. This deeply researched story left me cheering for teachers, 

crying for schoolchildren, and raging at politicians. With The Prize, Dale 

Russakoff demonstrates why she is one of the great nonfiction voices of our 

time." James McBride, The Color of Water and The Good Lord Bird.


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